DLF5's focus on the environment and ecology encourages sustainability in various forms. Besides acres of sustainably maintained greenery, DLF recently created history by conducting possibly the largest “Tree-transplantation” exercise in South-East Asia at the DLF Golf and Country Club on the occasion of Earth Day. In a first of its kind, over 250 mature trees were prepared and transplanted to another location using the latest technology and equipment.

Callous use of water is an activity commonly observed in our fast-paced lives. DLF5 strives to ensure survival of its green cover and deal with the issue of depreciating ground water levels. For this, a sewage treatment plant (STP) and Ultra-filtration plant has been set up at DLF5. The treated water is used for all non-domestic applications such as irrigation, horticulture, flushing of toilets, DG and AC Cooling Tower, construction etc. It is also being used for irrigating the two Golf Courses at the DLF Golf and Country Club.

Gas Insulated Substations are essential in the transmission of electrical energy to growing urban centers, where conventional air insulated substations can no longer meet the requirements of the available space, pollution, safety and maintenance. To meet the demand, DLF has set up its own electric substation at DLF5, the first ever by a private developer in Haryana.

DLF5 is committed to ecologically sustainable development and believes in adopting the best practices and employing the latest technologies available worldwide, to achieve the same.