Safety and Security

Safety is of paramount importance at DLF5. As a result, several initiatives have been taken to establish active safety and security systems in the region.

DLF has hired an international security consultant to create the safety and security infrastructure of DLF5.

An extensive and sophisticated CCTV surveillance system has been deployed at DLF5. The hi-tech electronic surveillance system has 18 high-zoom IP cameras, backed by wireless systems with a 24x7 central monitoring system.

There are approximately 3,000 CCTV cameras in all of DLF5, including CCTV cameras inside the complexes. A live feed from the external cameras is monitored 24x7 by trained personnel at the Central Security Control room.

The same live feed is sent to monitors, installed in the office of DCP Gurgaon (East), to help reduce reaction time in case of a crime or mishap.

DLF5 also has trained Quick Reaction Team (QRT) to deal with any security incidents, horse mounted security, sniffer dogs, and trained security personnel.

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