Rise of the ‘Millennial City’ –the Story of Gurgaon

An outback hinterland in the 90s, Gurgaon is a multi-dimensional geography today. From an infrastructural benchmark to a demographic cohort for India’s Millennials, it’s the aspirational equivalent of a 21st century wonderland. The turn of the millennium witnessed Gurgaon’s transformation from a rustic landscape to the finest Indian embodiment of urban living. While proximity to Delhi is an important factor, Gurgaon’s ‘into the future’ infrastructure majorly explains its ‘Millennial City’ tag.

With its high-rise framework and swelling economy, Gurgaon bears testimony to the ‘new India’ story unfolding itself. It represents evolution through time. Billed as India’s foremost corporate, industrial, residential, and cultural hub, it manifests turnaround from when city lights and bustling skyline seemed beyond imagination. The township represents flagship development -- state-of-the-art real estate, miles of lush greens, shopping heavens, corporate towers and so much more– in other words, it represents DLF!

A key benchmark to Gurgaon’s evolutionstory is DLF5–a destination for luxury living, an integrated development by itself. The master-planned community is stylised for world-class lifestyle with corporate towers like Two Horizon Centre and residential marvels like The Crest being the ultimate architectural testament to 21st century living.

DLF5 is a small world under one roof -- multi-cuisine restaurants, sports and fitness facilities and a host of leisure opportunities defining the high living way of life. The Arnold Palmer designed golf course at DLF Golf and Country Club is the only course in the country to offer day/night golfing option. Not just that, the club itself features a gamut of premium sporting and recreational facilities. The Aravallis in the backdrop provide a clarion call for adventurists to set out into trails running deep into the abutting villages and lakes.

Conceived by DLF as part of its vision of transforming Gurgaon, DLF5 sets the bar higher on millennial lifestyle integrated with comfort living. It exudes an undeniable sentiment of inspiration, a graceful recognition of a developer who redefined luxury to ensure its residents revel in a lifestyle beyond comparison, a life of unbounded comfort, luxury and safety.

Above all, it reinstates that ecosystem and urbanisation can coexist harmoniously and DLF is on track there!