Luxury Living Every Step of the Way

‘Home is where the heart is.’

The feeling of home compares to no other; it evokes a profound sense of belonging and tenderness.  While treading the globe - collecting memories and souvenirs lifts our spirit, it is home where our soul is truly nurtured and pampered. At DLF 5, find yourself in an abode where contemporary comfort and luxury is the way of life. Modern amenities blended with serenity create a private paradise with every nuance of fine living tastefully aligned for the global citizen.

DLF 5 epitomizes the good life with an artful blend of design, aesthetics, technology and architecture for a wholly immersive living experience. Life here blossoms spectacularly against a trail of landscaped gardens rejoicing in nature’s free-spirited bounty. DLF 5 homes are an ode to the finest global trends, appeasing even the most discerning of palettes. More than just homes, DLF 5 is a whole new lifestyle –a way of life where the line between luxury living and sustainability is down to a point of celebration. Club5, the social hub of DLF 5, is a small world in itself, which has it all under one roof -- multi-cuisine restaurants, sports and fitness facilities, rooms for overnight stays and a host of other amenities that hallmark the high life.

DLF 5 also houses one of the most riveting golf courses across the country under its parasol – the DLF Golf and Country Club. Set against the hikes of the Aravalli Hills, the DLF Golf and Country Club calls out to golfers and nature lovers alike. Groves of Mangar, create surroundings so tranquil and scenic, they’re considered sacred by the native dwellers.

After years of redefining luxury living, DLF has mastered the art of culling out holistic lifestyles that can appease any urban demography. Epitomizing luxury living down to a T, the exemplary DLF 5 is DLF’s flagship project that wraps life in the contours of supreme comfort and curates an experience of home as special as the joy brought in by the first rain of the season. Located in the heart of Gurgaon, it encapsulates everything from high-end living to that warm and fuzzy feeling of being at home.