Club Drive at DLF5

Club Drive is one of the oldest drives in DLF5 and is home to a multitude of well-established and vibrant communities including Royalton Tower, Princeton Estate, Trinity Towers, Carlton Tower, Wellington Estate and Westend Heights.

Large green community spaces, sports, recreational facilities etc. are within each of the condominiums.

Club5 - the recreational and cultural powerhouse of DLF5 - is located right in the heart of Club Drive.

Club5- with numerous dining, recreational and sports facilities is also the hub of exciting cultural and community events and provides a common platform to residents for recreation and socializing. Its location makes the multitude of facilities at Club5 available within walking distance of the Club Drive condominiums.

Lancer's International, a school of international standards is also based at the end of Club Drive.


  •   Westend Heights
  •   Royalton Tower
  •   Trinity Towers
  •   Princeton Estate
  •   Carlton Estate
  •   Wellington Estate
  •   Exclusive Floors
  •   Club5