The Oriental Terrace is an elegantly furnished restaurant at Club5 and provides an authentic Oriental experience. Situated on the second floor, it provides an alluring experience for your taste buds as well as a feast for your eyes. The skilled culinary team dishes out some of the finest Oriental recipes, providing an exemplary dining experience. Allow yourself to savor the delightful innovation of some classic dishes and many new creations.

Some new specialities tossed up by our experienced Chefs include Curry Laksa- Malaysian Milk flavoured curried Soup, Indonesian Sambal, Kung Pao Chicken, Black Pepper Lamb, Panzoon hin( Burmese Prawn Curry) & 5 spiced Chocolate Mousse. Popular favourites are an excellent range of dim sums to savour.

For further information or reservations, please call on 124-4949144.


The Oriental Terrace Menu

Quick Facts

  • Cuisine: Oriental (Chinese / Schezuan)
  • Capacity: 70 covers
  • Timings: 12 noon to 3:30 pm / 7 pm to 11 pm
  • Open all 7 days a week
  • Only for Club5 Members

Salads & Appetizers

Som Tam
(Thai traditional raw papaya salad with chili, lime and jaggery dressing)
Bang bang chicken
(Fresh and delicious Chinese-style chicken salad)

Tahu Samrot
(Crispy bean curd with pineapple & chili in spicy garlic sauce, from Thailand)
Indonesian Sambal
(Vegetables / Chicken / Prawn – Crunchy fried vegetables, chicken or prawn with spicy smnbal and Schezwan pepper)
Honey Chili Chicken
(Batter fried Chicken tossed with honey chili)
Diced Mandarin Chicken
(Chicken tossed with onion, chili & garlic)
Sesame Chili Fish
(Crispy fish tossed in sesame flavoured chili sauce)
Wasabi Prawns
(Crispy fried prawns tossed with wasabi nlayonnaise, served with tomato & onion salsa)

Soups & more

Kothe – Tofu / Mushroom / Fish
(Pan fried dumplings delicately tossed in spicy hoisin garlic sauce)
Chicken Siew Mai
(Open faced minced chicken and water chestnut dim sums)
Prawn Siew Mai
(Open faced prawns dim sums flavoured with fresh celery wrapped in wontons)

Indonesian Sweet Corn Soup – Vegetable / Chicken
(Crushed sweet corn soup served with leeks and scallions)
Hot ‘N‘ Sour Soup – Vegetable / Chicken
(Traditional Chinese sour and spicy soup with black in mushroom and bamboo shoots)
Clear Dumpling Soup – Vegetable / Chicken
(Chinese style ever popular light and clear dumpling soup)
Curried Laksa
(Malaysian prawn. coconut soup with wheat noodles)
Tom Yum Soup – Vegetable / Chicken / Prawn
(Spicy lemongrass flavoured soup from Thailand)


Phad Phak Ruam Mit
(Stir Fried Vegetables, Thai Style)
Honey Chili Potato
(Sweet Chili Glazed Potatoes With Sesame Seed)
Black Bean Egg Plant
(Eggplant & Chinese Beans In Spicy Black Bean Sauce)
Basil Tofu And Mushrooms
(Thai Inspired Crispy Tofu & Mushrooms With Chili, Garlic And Basil)
(Broccoli. Baby Corn And Black Mushroom, Wok Tossed In Hoisin Garlic Sauce)
Kung Pao Chicken
(Hot ‘N’ Sour Chicken From Schezwan Region With Cashew Nuts & Peanuts)
Schezwan Chili Chicken
(Shredded Chicken With Bamboo Shoots & Mushrooms Tossed In Spicy Sauce)
Black Pepper Lamb
(Stir Fried Steamed Lamb And Bok Choy With Black Pepper Sauce)
Fish In Celery Sauce
(Thai Inspired Wok Fried Slices Of Fish With Bell Peppers And Fresh Celery)
Basil Prawns
(Crispy Prawns Tossed With Button Mushrooms And Fresh Basi)

Noodles & more

Gaeng Kiew Wan – Vegetable / Chicken / Prawn
(Thai Green Curry With Pea Aubergine, Bamboo Shoots And Basil)
Gaeng Phed – Vegetable / Chicken / Prawn
(Thai Red Curry With Pea Aubergine, Bamboo Shoots And Basil)
Massaman Curry
(Slow Cooked Chunks Of Lamb In Traditional Thai Spices)
Pazun Heen – Tofu / Prawn
(Burmese Yellow Curry With Tomato And Fresh Basil)

Pan Fried Noodles – Vegetable / Chicken / Prawns
Hakka Noodles – Vegetable / Chicken / Prawns
Pad Thai Noodles – Vegetable / Chicken / Prawns
Fried Rice – Vegetable I Chicken I Prawns
Steamed Rice

Desserts & more

Oriental Spiced Chocolate Mousse
Darsaan With Vanilla Ice Cream
Kafir Lime Panna Cotta
Choice Of Ice-Cream

Fresh Seasonal juice
Thick All American Milkshakes
(Choice Of Vanilla, Strawberry Or Chocolate)
Cold Coffee
Iced Tea
Chilled Preserved Juice
Aerated Drinks
Diet Aerated Drinks
Fresh Lime
Mineral Water

Access to The Oriental Terrace is available only for members and their guests.

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